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How to Engage with Distance Learning

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Sophia Harding Sophia Harding 170 Points

As we know, distance and online learning is much different then learning in the classroom and can be difficult at times. In the classroom you are in person, so you have the ability to make sure the students are engaged and paying attention. But on an online platform, like zoom, it can be harder, as you do not have as much impact. Though there are still many ways to keep children engaged. First off, right from the start you must be enthusiastic, excited and grab their attention the second they enter. Also, there are various engaging quizes, games, challenges, and more. You can use a game where every single one of the students has to participate from their computer by entering a code so you know they are in. Even making it a race or challenge always engages young students more because they always love a competition. You can also have them use sources that allow them to go on a virtual field trip that lets them explore and find different things. 

Laura Resendiz Laura Resendiz 440 Points

Hello, I agree with your comment, despite how difficult it can be to study and teach online, there are many interesting ways and activities that can make an online class fun with learning and participation at the same time.

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