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Brittney Ramirez Brittney Ramirez 430 Points

Hello everyone, I want to know how the teaching community engages with their students during distance learning. How do you get the kids motivated and excited to learn behind the screen? If you see a student that is not participating what steps do you take to get them to want to learn?

Jordan Bailey Jordan Bailey 295 Points

I think giving the kids "missions" helps - send them away from the screen for a quick task that they must report back on. Or give them projects to work on during non-screen learning time that they can share with their peers when everyone is back online. Depending on the age of your students, Flipgrid can be a great tool to not only create mission forums but give students a chance to engage with their peers via video. 

Some example missons might be "find an example of X in your home" or "Go outside and use your 5 senses to observe for 10 minutes. What did you see/smell/hear/feel/taste?" For language arts or history, have students find examples in books or magazines in their home (persuasive language, descriptive language, primary/secondary sources, etc.).

Maria De hoyos Maria De hoyos 670 Points

Hello Brittney!

Keeping kids motivated via distance learning is quite a difficult task; being that I am a student myself, I can speak for myself and say that unfortunately with online school, I tend to loose motivation. Although I have not given up nor let my classes go, I can admit that there has been times where I just feel too extremely tired to do anything. I think that a good way to deal with the students not participating is requiring them to participate. Since times are different now with online school, students may often need a push from the instructor and it may benefit them more if they are being expected to participate rather than given the option to participate.

Mackenzie Jordan Mackenzie Jordan 300 Points

Keeping children engaged via distance is hard for sure! I believe that showing them that they are missed such as small video clips from other peers. I also believe that sending home hands-on activities to do along with you or a guardian can also be helpful.

Crystal Trevino Crystal Trevino 515 Points

Hello Brittney, keeping the students motivated during this time has definitely been a challenge. One thing that I saw, as a parent, that sparked their motivation was their annual science project. Over their winter break they got to do hands on science experiments of their choosing and then do a presentation on it. They were excited to get messy, creative, and present instead of just sit in front of a screen or book. Giving students a more hand on experince will engage their interest and motivate them to learn. 

Jaleen Franceschi Jaleen Franceschi 510 Points

Hello Brittney, keeping students motivated behind a screen if a diffiult task to do especially since there is no in person contact. I believe what could help is gathering a list of their interests and creating activities based on them. This will help the students be engaged because it pertains to their interest and will not feel forced to complete the task. Another way to keep students motivated is doing hands on activities on majority of the assignments. These work better than worksheets because it gets the students focused and constantly moving. 

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