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Classroom Management during Remote Learning

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Sol Jaurena Sol Jaurena 515 Points

Hi guys!

I am a new teacher and with everyone transitioning into remote learning I was wondering how teachers managed their class during zoom/Microsoft teams? I know elementary students are a bit harder to manage behavior wise so how would one avoid interruptions when teaching through the webcam?

Mayra Ochoa Mayra Ochoa 590 Points

Hello Sol, this is a very interesting question. As a future teacher I am interested in this topic since it is more than likely that I will have to encounter situations like the one we are currently living with this pandemic. Technology has its advantages but indeed, has many challenges. It is useful to be informed of what techniques can be used for classroom management during online learning.

Anestacha Jean-Mary Anestacha Jean-Mary 310 Points

Hey Sol!

I think that this is a great question especially given the circumstances that many teachers have been put in during a time like this. I am a new teacher as well and have found it harder to keep students focused and engaged through a webcam. Something that has worked being sure to allow students "brain breaks" before transitioning into the next topic. I find that a good stretch or activity not only helps students get the ants out of their pants to be able to remain still for the rest of the class, but it also aids in their overall behavior within the class. I'm new to this remote learning too Sol, so I'm glad you asked this question. Hope this helps if not a lot, at least a little bit. :)

Madison Boynton Madison Boynton 95 Points

Hello Sol,


This a is a GREAT question and one I've thought over as well. When we transitioned to virual in March/April I found that I had to keep my lessons engaging and pause for direct questioning. At times, students were very shy and didn't want to ask a question or clarification in front of their peers. I sat down before a lesson and went over some potential questions I thought they might have and worked from there. I also reached out to parents and let them know I can work one-on-one with students. This greatly helped! Knowing your students is so important for distance learning, so I'm unsure of how the fall would look like and we will all be working at a disadvantage. 


I hope this helped a bit! Do your BEST and you will be great! 

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