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Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5695 Points

I read the following article in the most recent JCST issue. 

Student-Driven Research in the First Year: Building Science Skills and Creating Community

I think the authors did a strong job scaffolding the research experience for students through three distinct collaborative experiences, starting with an introduction to science research, including networking, the nature of science, and the nature of research. The second experience outlines development of key research skills and offers support through networking and mentoring. The culiminating experience is the research experience, which occurs in the summer of the first year. 

I'm curious about sustainability of the program due to the cost of supporting students through board, research expenses, and conference registration and travel. 

As an author of a safety-focused article in this same JCST issue, I thought it was interesting that the authors did not mention safety (chemical, physical, human subjects, etc.) within research in their paper. This is a key skill that I feel is important to develop in student researchers. I'm curious if this was an oversight in the article or if safety was not a skill expressly refined in the program. 

Ryder Bourke Ryder Bourke 40 Points

interesting thoughts!

Marcus Chartres Marcus Chartres 30 Points

wow, good post!

Md. Hossian Md. Hossian 342 Points

We should follows above procedure to creat sustanable resercher.

Luisa Murray Luisa Murray 10 Points

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Anthony Howells Anthony Howells 10 Points

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Madison Richards Madison 10 Points

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