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Tarah Wehde Tarah Wehde 1150 Points

My name is Tarah Wehde and I am a 4th year at Wartburg College. I would like to know how you can get your students engaged in science lessons and what are some tips for making science fun. Many students may not find science fun to learn about but doing more hands-on activities might help that situation. Looking for some activities or fun things to do that can be implemented into science lessons.

Camille Brown Camille Brown 1801 Points


   One thing to make science lessons more enjoyable is to tap into the social media trends that kids love. Many students are already spending a significant amount of time on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, often watching science experiments without even realizing it. You can leverage this by exploring popular science experiments on these platforms and incorporating them into your lessons. Not only will this make science interactive and entertaining, but it will also show your students that science is all around us and can be found in even the most unexpected places.

   Additionally, consider incorporating real-life examples and applications of scientific concepts. By relating science to their everyday lives, students are more likely to see its relevance and become more engaged. You can do this by using current events or news stories that involve scientific discoveries or phenomena. Connecting science to their personal experiences will help them better understand and appreciate its importance.

   Lastly, don't be afraid to step outside of the traditional classroom setting. Field trips to science museums or nature excursions can provide hands-on experiences that are both educational and enjoyable. Guest speakers, science fairs, and group projects also offer opportunities to make science more interactive and collaborative.

   Best wishes!


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