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Practicum / Field experience interruption

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Cecilia Hernandez Cecilia Hernandez 1460 Points

Our public schools are on an extended break (3 weeks), and our university will be moving to online teaching when we return from our spring break. My students are placed in the schools for an extended early field experience and normally would teach at least one  elementary science lesson in their practicum classroom at this point in the semester. Have this situation occured in other institutions? What are you doing to address the practicum / field experience interruption due to COVID-19?

Rob Keys Rob Keys 1590 Points

We are in the same situation. My elementary science students have been left without this practium experience. I am working with the teachers at the school where they were to do their practicum as they are now teaching online too! My students will be working on this new challenge of how to teach science online to elementary students at home and producing a set of online lessons which will be used by our cooperating teachers who are now facing teaching the rest of their school year online!

Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 46216 Points

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your post. I would love to see the online lessons that your students will develop. Could you ask them to post them here? I think everyone is looking for ideas and we all could benefit from the share.

Take care!

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