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Centers/Workstations in the science classroom!

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LaToya Pugh LaToya Pugh 6670 Points

Happy Friday All, This year many of my elementary schools are looking into implementing science centers/workstations in the classroom. I was wondering if anyone already does this? What does it look like? How often do you change the concept of the center? How effective is it for you? If you have any experience and would like to share I would love to hear about your experience. As well if you have any articles, activities that are in your NSTA collection do you mind sharing. I know that effectively implementing centers can extremely beneficial for students, because they aid in reinforcing the skills taught in class as well as providing feedback/data for the teacher to best plan for future lessons. Thoughts?

Marelis Rivera Marelis Rivera 2365 Points

This is something new that I am trying out this year but here are some resources that were shared with me by my differentiation coach to get me started.

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Azo O Ashley Osborn 4725 Points

I am also trying to find centers/workstations to use in science, and have found quite a lot of ideas through Pinterest. You might want to check out this website. There are TONS of resources and you can also get links to that may help too!

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