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Emily Korn Emily Korn 2845 Points

I find that I am having difficulty creating assessments that are formative.. summative we receive from downtown; however, is there a basic format that doesn't make science basic and easy but rather higher order comprehension and expansive of the thought process. I would like to assess the students scientific vocabulary without multiple choice and/or explore their abilities to think outside the box. I find my tests can be a bit easy. Any suggestions?

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 91561 Points

Hi Emily,
There is a Formative Assessment discussion thread that might provide you with some ideas. You can access it here: Formative Assessment.

Amy Jorgensen Amy Jorgensen 425 Points

Hi Emily- There are tons of formative assessment materials available through the NSTA learning center if you just search formative assessments and the NGSS standard you are testing students. I find it helpful, since it's an informal assessment, to have students complete a quick "exit ticket" of one thing they learned from that day. You can give them a specific topic to focus on of course. Sometimes I also have students incorporate drawing as a formative assessment, by showing me a revision of the scientific model we are working on for that unit.

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