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Karolina Baltierrez Karolina Baltierrez 1700 Points

I am a student teacher and I have noticed that it is very difficult to keep up with all subjects that a teacher needs to teach (my cooperating teacher is behind in science). Sometimes, more time is dedicated to one subject over another because of time. Teachers don't have enough time to cover everything. What are some ways to help me prevent this in my real classroom? How can I teach all subjects without lagging behind? or if I get behind, what are some ways that I can catch up (situation of my cooperating teacher)?

Marion Harvey Marion Harvey 1010 Points

Karolina,  I fear the exact same thing. I know my 5th graders are falling behind in socials studies and writing due to the structure of the school district. I think it's important to get in a school that values all subjects and plan ahead during the summer!

Maranda Mangual Maranda Mangual 1040 Points

I think a great way to ensure that you don't fall behind in teaching all subjects is to plan thematic units. Even though it takes more planning it is beneficial because it ensures that the teacher is teaching all subjects they are suppose to.

Lauren Gray Lauren Gray 590 Points

I have the exact same problem! I feel like science and social studies are getting pushed out for other subjects. I feel science is just as important as all the other subjects and deserves the same time as attention as math and literacy.

Stephanie Bravo Stephanie Bravo 1415 Points

I understand your situation. We are behind in social studies in my classroom. It gets hard when you have to keep moving forward and teach everything and make sure your students understand the concepts. I do agree with Maranda. It helps to have thematic units which can attain to a variety of subjects. It does take much more planning because you plan around different subjects but in the end, I think it is definitely worth it. 

Lauren Price Lauren Price 470 Points

I too am a student teacher and have the same fears. My school is currently putting everything into their language arts program and the students are not getting all the other subjects. As a new teacher what can I do to make sure I am providing my students with the best education while still following the school structured learning requirements? 

Lauren, I know exactly how you feel. I am currently in a sixth grade classroom as a student teacher and I see how unbalanced the curriculum is. My students only get Math and Language Arts instruction with minimal Social Studies and no Science instruction. My Cooperating Teacher is overwhelmed and unable to adjust her schedule because of the emphasis on the importance of Language Arts. I think that it is difficult as a new teacher to impose your ideas in the classroom but I think it is necessary sometimes. I hope that when we build experience we will learn how to balance all subjects in order to provide the well rounded quality education. Flexibility is key!! Jessica

Frances Stupakis Frances Stupakis 395 Points

I am also a student teacher, and I have been wondering the same thing throughout the semester. My teacher goes through lessons at a very fast pace, and when I attempt to teach at that pace I feel that many of the students are falling behind! It's a challenge to make sure everyone is on the same page while staying at a reasonable pace. I have learned that my teacher provides many of the more advanced students with independent work while she works with small groups to meet their individual needs. That way everyone's time is spent doing something proactive and the teacher stays at the pace required by the school.

Kim Duba Kim 380 Points

As a student teacher I find this happening within my classroom as well.  When I have my own class and feel stressed for time I hope to work with informational text and build a literacy based science lesson when I have the chance!  Then when we have more time, or can fit it in I'd like to do a more engaging experiment, at least then students can build some prior knowledge before working with a hands on activity!

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