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Cynthia Sanchez Cynthia Sanchez 190 Points

As an aspiring special education educator, I understand that all students are different and learn differenty. They all have different strengths and weakness, and a big concern for me is putting together a lesson plan that will work well with all students. So, my question is what are some tips or techniques that i can incorporate into a lesson that all students can be able to do learn with. 

Katherine Gonzalez Katherine Gonzalez 145 Points


This is my first year teaching Special Education, but I was a TA for about a year and a half. I observed the different techniques that teachers used when teaching Science. One program that is really helpful is, Unique. They offer many resources and in the readings they offer different reading levels. As you get to know your students, it will become easier to know the students' levels and you will be able to give them different worksheets. 

Hope this helps! 

Amanda Fraley Amanda Fraley 905 Points


Have you heard of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?  This is a framework based around including accommodations and modifications in your lesson planning, rather than introducing them to your plan after the lesson has been created! I've found this style of lesson plan creation allows you to reach all students, without you doing much 'extra' work to give students other activities or different worksheets!  Accommodations can help all students, not just those who have special needs.

There are tons of videos on YouTube showing UDL in action.  Hope this helps!

George Mehler George Mehler 1560 Points

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