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Post-Test Projects

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Keri Phipps Keri Phipps 290 Points

We are finishing up our state testing next week. After that I have 6 weeks left to the end of the year. Do any of you have favorite projects you do at the end of the year? thanks

Jennifer Rahn Jennifer Rahn 67945 Points

Hi Keri, State testing may be finished, but is the curriculum? This can be a great time of year for the kids to take on "independent research." Not sure what grades you teach, but by this point in the year, the kids are tired of sitting still, and all the testing, and so on. This is the time of year when hands-on activities are imperative. If you have outside activities, even better! Think about having groups of students design their own experiments, and carry them out the last few weeks. I have done summer programs where we covered solar energy, and had students design their own solar (pizza box) ovens, then we did some testing, modification, and finally, a competition to see which worked the best. The s'mores were pretty tasty too! Learn, but also have some fun, those last few weeks. That will do more toward keeping your students motivated, engaged, and curious over the summer, and hopefully, they will come back excited and ready to learn in the fall.

Mitchell Miho Mitchell Miho 3090 Points

I am also going to try and have my students develop a service learning project using design thinking. I am going to tie in my oceans unit with my human conflict/conservation unit. Because we are on an island, most of my students know of or have seen some of the environmental issues that have been occurring due to our over population on the islands. Basically they are going to brainstorm problems and I will act as their client who is looking for a way to improve the quality of life for both humans and ocean species. They will come up with a plan that is catered to one problem and through trial, error and prototype building, create a (hopefully one of a kind) solution that is entirely focused on a specific issue. I have not tried this project yet, but i really like the fact that it ties in engineering concepts and gives them a chance to use different learning skills to solve a real life problem.

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