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Women in STEM

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Stefany Landaverde Stefany Landaverde 400 Points

STEM has been viewed to shift to one direction for many years of history, men. Men have been on top of most of the STEM fields as leaders but things are slowly changing with time. There has been a major change from what was the 1900's and now. Many women have been occupying positions that were mostly led by men. What has made this change to occur? Well, there are many factors that have helped in the change, but one simple reason is that women started to realize this. The realization of this allowed for women to work hard for difficult positions despite stigmas and the common norm.

Abigail McGrane Abigail McGrane 735 Points

This is so accurate and exciting! It is so great to be seeing women take leadership roles in STEAM, a once male dominated field. I recently heard Emily Calandrelli speak on the challenges for women in STEM careers and the ways that she works to encourage young females to be curious and passionate about science. I think challenging the stigma while children are young and getting them passionate about STEAM will encourage more females to follow in the footsteps of those women already dominating the science field. 

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