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Tips for a Future Educator

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Liz Braun Liz Braun 340 Points

I will be an educator in two years and very excited about the career ahead of me, but I am nervous about teaching children about science. I am not very strong in science or have a heavy scientific background. What tips and advice can current educators give me about teaching science in my classroom? What are some good science resources? And how can I better myself to be a better instructor in science?

Micaela Easterling Micaela Easterling 160 Points

As an educator, the most important thing is to get to know your students and to figure out what they are individually interested in. Once you know what kinds of scientific topics your students are interested in, you know what kind of science activities and ideas to introduce into your classroom.

Caitlin Greene Caitlin Greene 1235 Points

I like what Micaela said about getting to know your students and seeing what they are interested in. This is a very important factor when deciding how you want to teach your students. There is such a variation of interest among the different grade levels and even classrooms.

Micaela Easterling Micaela Easterling 160 Points

Julia Spendio Julia Spendio 210 Points

I am also going to be a teacher in just two short years and I think that this advice is great! I definitely believe that finding out what your students are interested in is important and can help you design your classroom, but how about when it comes to having specific criteria that needs to be taught? What is your advice on teaching students the required material? Do you have any tricks that make it fun?

Micaela Easterling Micaela Easterling 160 Points

Elizabeth Epstein elizabeth epstein 370 Points

I am also headed into a teaching career, and have no background in science. How do you suggest making science fun? I know not everyday can be spent blowing up volcanoes, but what should the split be between fun hands-on activities, and note taking/data analysis?

Frances Stupakis Frances Stupakis 395 Points

Hello! I am currently a student teacher and learning how to make science engaging for students in my class. Even though science is not my best subject either, I find that if I can make the subject exciting and engaging for myself, it's much easier for me to engage my students! Children are naturally curious, and allowing them to explore their curiosity is the basis for their scientific learning. I know that they are much more likely to be motivated to learn if they are engaged from beginning to end. Hope this helps!

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