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Julia Norford Julia Norford 60 Points

Hi there! I am a new teacher and will be completing my master's in elementary ed. next year. I currently work as a reading intervention teacher, so I do not teach any science, but will be teaching science in the future when I most likely become a classroom teacher. When I was in school, I really disliked STEM, and always dreaded it. I had trouble learning math and science concepts, and convinced myself that I was just bad at STEM and would never learn. I have slowly come around to understanding and liking math, but I am not quite there with science. This being said, I do not want my fear/dislike of science to come across to my students - I want them to love science and look forward to it! Does anyone have tips/advice on making science fun, engaging, and approachable, when I might not feel that thrilled myself? I think science is the most fun when it is interactive and hands-on, but that is not always possible for every lesson. I'm hoping that as I start teaching science, I will start to understand it more and enjoy it! 

Camille Brown Camille Brown 1801 Points

Hi there! Congratulations on pursuing your master's in elementary education and on your upcoming role as a classroom teacher! It's great to hear that you are already thinking about ways to make science fun and engaging for your students, even though you may not feel thrilled about it yet.

Firstly, remember that your personal preference or experience with science doesn't have to define how you teach it. The fact that you disliked it in the past can actually work to your advantage. You can bring a unique perspective and understanding to the subject, which can help you tailor your teaching approach to your students' needs.

One way to make science more approachable is to relate it to real-life situations. Help your students see the relevance and practicality of science by using examples from their daily lives. You can connect scientific concepts to common occurrences, like cooking or nature observations, and explain how science is involved in those activities.

Additionally, make science interactive and hands-on whenever possible!! This is SOOOO important. While it may not be feasible for every lesson, try incorporating experiments, demonstrations, or simulations to engage your students. Hands-on activities not only make learning more enjoyable and memorable but also help reinforce concepts by allowing students to directly explore and experience them.

Another strategy is to incorporate technology into science lessons. You can leverage educational websites, videos, or virtual experiments to supplement your teaching. This can make abstract or complex ideas more accessible and provide different avenues for students to understand and engage with the content.

Furthermore, encourage curiosity and inquiry-based learning in your classroom. Invite questions and discussions, and encourage your students to think critically and investigate their own ideas. Foster a safe and supportive environment where it's okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

Lastly, remember that teaching science is a continuous learning process. As you start teaching, you will undoubtedly gain more knowledge and experience. Embrace opportunities for professional development, collaborate with other science teachers, and expand your own understanding of the subject. You might find that as you deepen your knowledge and mastery of science, your enjoyment and enthusiasm for the subject will increase as well.

Good luck on your teaching journey, and may you inspire a love for science in your students!


Alondra Garcia Alondra Garcia 520 Points

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. I feel the same way as a first-year teacher I feel pressured to know how to explain it clearly so the students don't get lost. However, something I have learned is to be patient with yourself, skills take time to fully be efficient and quick to your feet. Therefore you are not alone always think positively about yourself and reach out to a mentor teacher so they can guide you specific strategies to use. Keep shaping minds, have a wonderful day.

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