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Young ladies and STEM

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Kennedy Bowling Kennedy Bowling 230 Points

Women have made a lot of progress in America over time, however, we still struggle with girls in the STEM field. As teachers, it is our job to encourage females in our STEM programs in schools. I would love for there to be a club specifically for young female scientists. 

Jessica Thomas Jessica Thomas 320 Points

There are some really cool organizations that encourage young women in the STEM field. Girls who Code is one I can think of off the top of my head. Additionally, the REC Foundation and VEX robotics competitions organize events specifically for teams with girls called Girl Powered. These could be a great starting point.

Elly Kumbusky Elly Kumbusky 200 Points

Hi Kennedy! The high school that I attended actually has a feminists club, and from the feminist club, some of the students also started a new club revolving around women in STEM. I coach two different sports at my high school, and some of my athletes are a part of this club, and love it so much! They talk about it often, and many of them say that they had no interest in STEM before joining the club, but now want to persue a career in the STEM field. 

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