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Response to Unpacking the STEM Disciplines

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Alexis Swearingin Alexis Swearingin 3643 Points

As a college student I always hear phrases like "Be sure to incorporate STEM in your lessons" but never understood how to unpack this process. After reading Unpacking the STEM Disciplines by Cassie Bess, I was able to better understand and incorporate STEM. The author encouraged teachers to do two very important things: 1. Unpack the STEM disciples as the lesson develops, and 2. Be sure to define and explain each step (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for the students so they understand the importance in using these disciplines and how they relate to the lesson. I learned that technology does not just include computers but also tools such as a ruler. The four disciplines within STEM all tie together and as a teacher it's important for not only myself to understand that, but for my students as well. Otherwise, they will be bored with all the extra words they learn and steps they complete within a given lesson. I will hold Bess' advice with me forever!

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