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Morgan Almirall Morgan Almirall 210 Points

I am a preservice teacher taking a class on teaching science. The second week of class we went over different ways to set up a science notebook, which touched on what to include and a little on how to evaluate. I am wondering if anyone has a tried-and-true method of setting up science notebooks that they would recommend for preservice or new teachers? 

Brittany Joachim Brittany Joachim 315 Points

This is always a tricky topic for me as well.  I currently have a table of contents and a folder with brads where students can keep their notes/worksheets/graphic organizers/doodle notes so they are all in the same place.  If I just had the notebooks I feel that I do so much other work that is not just in their notebook that would be lost.  I have students update their notebooks every Friday and I pass back papers on Friday as well.  I collect notebooks at the end of every trimester and grade them which is an ordeal.  It is okay although I see interactive notebooks that are beautiful and envy them.  I am not very artistic and have no patience for glue/scissors with 8th graders.  I also have my students creating google sites where we post work/projects we create throughout the year.  

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