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Monica Calderon Monica Calderon 390 Points

We all  know how distracted elementerary students can get. What are some strategies/ tips in we can keep students engaged during the lessons? 

Victoria Cleavinger Victoria Cleavinger 220 Points

It is definitely helpful to keep them moving! I am very much a proponent of moving while learning. As someone mentioned already, play is a good way for students to learn and move at the same time. Also, I think having specific hand signals for students incorporated throughout the lesson is a good way to keep them focused on what the teacher is saying (ex. certain motions for words, as in using their arm to "draw" a circle in the air if you are teaching about earth cycles). Incorporating bits of music is one way I personally learn well, and I think it both catches students' attention and helps them remember what is being taught better. 

Prentice James Prentice James 340 Points

I think a good way to engage students is by using more hands-on activitiers. This usually gets kids more excited than worksheets or lectures. Relating the lesson to thier everyday life is another way that they can be engaged. 

Martha Rosales Martha Rosales 910 Points

It might be challenging to keep elementary students interested throughout the lesson. Finding out what the students took away from a class is something I would advise; keep in mind that this knowledge is essential for enhancing your education. That also applies to how well they maintain children's interest.

Narendra Deshmukh Narendra Deshmukh 130 Points

Dear Monica

I think play method will be effective for eleementary students. 

John Miller John Miller 35 Points

Goodr information which is useful in my career with education and I have learned a lot from here.

Best Regards,

- John Miller

Nicole Urrea Nicole Urrea 750 Points

Some strategies that I found were useful when I was in Elementary was when the teachers would ask questions and have us in groups. Allowing the students to do group discussions or groupwork kept all the students in engage. During lessons, talk to the students as much as possible and include them in your lesson plan by allowing them to voice their opinions and to be able to ask questions free of judgement.


Nayeli Garza Nayeli Garza 470 Points

Hello, answering to your question/concern as to how to keep students entertained. I belive the first step is to give a lesson that is engaging. Students will often do well when they are doing something they like. When it is done so like that it is more likely for the students to stay on task and even lose track of time because they are so engaged with the assignment. Another thing that I believe can help is giving them group time. As we all know students love to chat and by allowing group time where they can communicate with one another can also cause them to not want to lose focus when the teacher is talking since they already had time to express themselves during group time. 

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