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Online Science Lab?

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Yasmine Imran Yasmine Imran 160 Points

I am currently planning a lesson as a project for class, but I am unsure of how to demonstrate a fun activity via video. It will not be a live zoom session, which makes things a bit more tricky. I am hoping to find the perfect solution to  this issue. Let me know any ideas you may have!

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5215 Points

Are you looking for platform suggestions for recording? I've used an iPad to record a short demonstration and posted it to the LMS in a discussion thread and then asked targetted questions throughout a week-long discussion of the demonstration. 

Hanna Schmitt Hanna Schmitt 380 Points

Hello all!

I am a pre-service teacher majoring in Biology Secondary Education at Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. In one of my recent field experience classrooms, my cooperating teacher used a resource called FlipGrid as part of her online labs. This resource allows the teacher to post a video demonstration of the lab. If the lab is something that students can safely and easily do at home, they are asked to create their own demo video and send it back to the teacher on FlipGrid. I have used this resource to create a learning activity for students who are doing school from home and it worked very well! It can be used in numerous ways. I'm sure there are many other strategies that teachers have found to include fun activities in lessons with students despite the challenges of remote learning.

Here is the link for FlipGrid:

Madeline Henderson Madeline Henderson 240 Points

I agree that a video for students would allow them to see the experiment just like they would in the classroom. Questions for them to answer throughout the video would keep them engaged and eager to learn more.

William Black William Black 30 Points

I also completely agree with you. Video lesson its a great solution for studying like an assignment service


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