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Kate Segovia Kate Segovia 170 Points

What are some 4th grade activies I could use to enagage students to introduce the water cycle?

Cassie Doty Cassie Doty 70 Points

We've done water cycle bracelets (e.g., https://pacd.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Water-Cycle-Bracelets-Activity.pdf) as part of our STEM Fest activities with folks from K-gray. It's simple, engaging, and educational. 

Camillia Ledbetter Camillia Ledbetter 795 Points



I have wanted to try the water cycle in a bag project. Students receive a Ziploc bag, draw a simple water cycle diagram and then put a small amount of water in the bag. Students would then hang the bags in the sunlight. The water at the bottom of the bag will evaporate in the bag, condense as water droplets at the top and then roll back down as precipitation. I definitely plan to do this next year!

Project Wet has multiple activities that you could choose from. The water bracelet reminded me of one activity that I will post when I am on my home computer. They also have interactive lessons on their website. Great resource.

NASA has lessons under their Precipitation Education page that may give you ideas and resources. The water dice game page has K-5 resources. 

USGS has a water cycle page with resources as well. Their explore the water cycle is fun and educational!

Windows to the Universe also has elementary water cycle reources as well. 


Kate Segovia Kate Segovia 170 Points

Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it! Thanks for the help.

Here is another one  of my fun water cycle books, Snowff's Mist.erious Journey by Carolyn White. I used if with my high school students, vcovered my tables with white paper and let them draw as they listened to the story-my book has an audio CD. 

Niria C niria chapa 200 Points

I recently did a lesson plan with an activity "water in a bag". It was a great way for students to see how the water cycle works in time.

Alexandra Jaramillo Alexandra Jaramillo 270 Points


This is this video on GoNoodles based on the water cycle. You can have the students learn the key terms and dance to make the lesson more engaging. Students will have a blast!

Madisson Clabaugh Madisson Clabaugh 2305 Points

I am very interested in the water in a bag lesson! I'm going to have to look into that some more. 

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