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Classroom management for students of all caliber

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Lena Lesho Lena Lesho 1085 Points

Hello. I am a new teacher and I am having hard with classroom management for the whole class. I have some students who are on their best behavior and are ready t learn, but I also have students who keep interrupting and who need more support during the lesson. How do teachers manage their classroom efficiently so that all students learn?

Leigh Mayberry Leigh Mayberry 790 Points

Lena, one way I manage my middle school science class is by rewarding good behavior. I keep a prize box, science stickers, etc. Another way I manage the difficult behaviors is by spending time one one-on-one with students who are having behaviors that are attention seeking. I use my planning period about once or twice per week to work with students who need attention. We clean the science lab together, and it just helps build relationships and helps me to manage difficult behaviors.

Stephanie Wendt Stephanie Wendt 5713 Points

Lena, do you use positive reinforcement with your students? It's a good idea to establish the classroom rules with the students. Make them part of the discussion for the rules, and have them help you choose 'rewards' for good behavior. Elementary age children love simple things like sitting in a 'director's chair', taking off their shoes, selecting a treat from a treasure box, reading to a younger child (where they get to leave your class and be a guest reader in another class), having lunch with the teacher on a special day, etc... Ask them what they would like, and then help them select reasonable positive consequences. You need to have a system for negative consequences as well, but if you focus on happy consequences for good behavior, you will find the kids respond very well to it. Kids love stickers and stamps, too! You might try using a sticker chart, and when the kids fill up their sticker chart, they get to choose their reward from the list.

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