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B G Brooke Goulas 340 Points

Hi everyone! I am doing student teaching right now. I wanted some advice from other new teachers on how you are adapting to the classroom and what has helped you most. I feel like I am adapting well, but some students look at me as another student because they are close to my age and because I'm a 'student teacher'. I teach a lot of 12th graders and they are preparing for college. How can I have them look at me as more of a teacher? 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Lynn Hess 12358 Points

Hi Brooke,

How exciting for you. That certainly is a tough question to find balance.

Here's a few things to keep in mind: I feel you should always go to work confident. Your body language tells alot about a person. Be strong and know your subject well. Walk proud so they respect you.

Michelle Byers Michelle Byers 220 Points

Hi Brooke,

I am currently working on my master's in special education and elementary education; however, I did work as a teaching assistant at a high school for 2 years.  There were many young teachers at the school where I worked and I think being closer to your students in age has its benefits and drawbacks.  I noticed that the younger teachers that set clear expectations and rules received respect from the students, and the students actually seemed more drawn towards those teachers.  Having great classroom management skills does help with student respect and them seeing you more as an adult than their peer.  I feel that classroom management skills may take more work for younger teachers; however, younger teachers are better able to relate to their students and serve as a great role model to students not much younger than they are.  Older teachers may have an easier time with classroom management; however, they have to work harder to plan activities that relate to their students' interests.

Olivia Rayfield Olivia Rayfield 540 Points

I've been going through a similar struggle myself, but with middle school. The best way I have found to combat the view that because you are young they can get away with more things, is to set clear expectations. As they have had the same teacher for the entire classroom, they are not used to a new person coming in and telling them what they can and cannot do. Their set teacher has expectations they made at the beginning of the school year. When you come in, you have to do the same. It's hard to come into a space that is not technically yours and do this, but it is necessary. They need a reminder that you are also in charge and they cannot just disregard you as an authority figure due to looks or age. 

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