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Charity Cain Charity Cain 250 Points

Hey guys! My name is Charity Cain. I am a Junior at Francis Marion University. As I did my field experience, I realized that being a teacher can be a little overwhelming. Whether it's outside things going on or the classroom itself. What are different ways you'd suggest to cope with the stress and what strategies would you give to keep yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the day?

Yahaira Martinez Yahaira Martinez 420 Points

Hello charity this is a great question, managing stress or simply maintaining our overall well being is cruitual especially for educators. I understand where your coming from to a certain extent as i currently work gymnastics with children a variety of ages 1-17. Although its not at in a classroom setting it can still be overwhelming. im going to be doing my field hours soon as well so what i would recommend is to prioritize self-care and establish a support network. It's essential to set time for activities that can recharge you like meditation or going outdoors for some fresh air, but most importantly have someone who can be there for emotional support and guidance, i hope this helped you got this!

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