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Yadira Alvarez Yadira Alvarez 95 Points


As a future teacher, i've noticed that some materials don't have a translation to them. What are some ways/strategies I can use to teach science to my future bilingual students and at the same time teach the regular english students?

Valerie Nepomuceno Valerie Nepomuceno 200 Points

Hello Yadira! I really appreciate your question since I am trying to specialize in Bilingual Education. I am also curious as to what strategies can be useful, I will be keeping up with this thread to see if I can get some ideas too. 


Minerva Bistrain Minerva Bistrain 75 Points

Hello, many materials don't have a translation, but they are many ways you can help them understand the content you are going to be teaching one day. You can do different group stations where you have the English kids and then the Spanish kids, and you can create a worksheet in both languages and then give it to them and explain the lesson in both languages first in English and then Spanish. It is not easy because you will have to do it twice, but believe me, the kids will appreciate that you are taking your time to explain the lesson in their language. The worksheet is like a group work where they will work together as a one, and they can help each other if someone didn't understand or has a question.

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