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Life Cycle of Plants!!

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Natashia Silva Natashia Silva 445 Points

HI Everyone!! I am a student teacher in a first grade classroom. I have an upcoming lesson on life cycle of a plant and identifying plant parts. We are planting some green beans and keeping a science journal of what we will see and we are putting back together flowers that have been in an accident (that i have precut up). I wanted to see if anyone else out there has any other interesting or creative ways to teach life cycle of plants? Any advice we be greatly appreciated! 

Naimah Urfi Naimah Urfi 1075 Points

Natashia, I am student teaching in a first-grade classroom as well, and while getting the students familiar with the four major plant parts (seed, stem, roots, and flower), we had them stand up and show us what the plant parts look like with their bodies. For the stem, the students stood up straight with their arms down to their sides, and for roots, they crouched down to the ground. For seed, the students simply made a round/almond shape with their hands, and similarly, for the flower part, they stood up straight and raised their arms up spread across their heads. You could also have them demonstrate what a plant would do when given water, sunlight and nutrients, and the students would begin as a seed crouched down and then slowly get up more and more until sprouting petals or a flower. It's a fun and interactive way for students to understand the parts of a plant and be introduced to the topic. Good luck to you!

Nicolette Hale Nicolette Hale 415 Points

Hi Natashia,

I am also a student teacher but in a kindergarten classroom. Like you, I am teaching a lesson on the life cycle of a plant. I really like your idea of putting the flowers back together. For my lesson, I am beginning by reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. If you aren't familiar with the story, here is a link to a summary.


Another thing I plan to do during my lesson is to let each student have their own small, potted plant that they can actually pull out of the soil for the exploration phase of my lesson. Good luck to you on your lesson!

Taylor Ponsonby Taylor Ponsonby 700 Points

Hello Natashia! I am currently student teaching in a fourth grade classroom, where the students have been learning about plant (and animal) life cycles over the past few weeks. At the end of January, the classes planted fast plants, which were kept under continuous light for over 45 days. Students were given a worksheet to go along with the unit, so they could track (draw and measure) their progress every several days. For my formal observation a few weeks ago, I was tasked to teach a lesson on animal life cycles. This was challenging because even though this was generally a topic students were interested in, I still had to come up with creative ways to make the lesson engaging. I ended up finding a book that the students seemed to really enjoy. Since you are in a first grade classroom, I would highly recommend finding a song or book to help the students. I think the more active you can make your lesson, the better. Hopefully this helps!

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