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Vanessa Hernandez Vanessa Hernandez 715 Points

After completing my pre-teaching and developing student semesters, I am about to embark on my first student teaching semester. This is a great topic that has always crossed my mind. Whe do we know, as teachers what is appropriate to teach, when is it too much or too little. From my previous courses, we have talked multiple time how it is important to provide students with an overview of the many points of view of any subject we are teaching. We mustn't have students believe their is only one side to a story, there are many sides that come into play that have impacted the way we interpret and solve situations. 

I feel like in some extent we as teachers have the authority to determine what pathway we want to take to teach a lesson. We can choose what materials, resources we want to use to teach students with. However we musn't forget the object of the lesson and the skills the students must learn by the end of the lesson. It all depends how the teacher approaches it and how well teaches the material, that will help determine whether it is ok to have teachers have the ability to choose how to teach a lesson. 

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