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Leon Wong Leon Wong 760 Points

As a future educator, I worry about how to handle multiple students with multiple types of personalities that might not mesh well or not at all with each other.  How does better prepare for such cases or is this more of a learn through experience type of thing?

Matilde Grimaldo Matilde Grimaldo 400 Points

Hello Leon, this is a really interesting question. To be honest, I have the same worry regarding how I will handle the different personalities, skills or even style learning from each student. However, I consider that we will be capable to find a way to comprehend our future students and be able to help them improving in classroom. 

Jose Zuniga Jose Zuniga 680 Points

Hello, Leon. Great question! I, too, have pondered about 'the possible' as a future educator. If I'm being honest, I'm sure we're going to run into said situations (as I'm also sure it ensued during both of our times as students). I would have to say that it's one of those things where it would probably be best to play it by ear (or 'learn through experience') as I genuinely don't think we can fully be prepared. I say this because every educator is different . . . what worked for one educator may not work for another. I'm sure that once it happens, something effective will come to mind. For now, I wouldn't think about it too much.

Timothy Ferriss Timothy 30 Points

Handling multiple students with diverse personalities is indeed a significant aspect of being an educator. While some aspects of managing diverse personalities can be learned through experience, there are also strategies and immaculate grid approaches you can proactively adopt to better prepare yourself for such situations.

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