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Md. Hossian Md. Hossian 352 Points

I am a third world teacher. The materials needed to explain the subjects of modern science to the students are not enough. I am having a hard time explaining the subjects for that.What do you think should be done for the students?

Micheal P Floyd Jr Micheal P Floyd Jr 75 Points

Instructing Science, within any concept, is as easy as knowing yourself as you interact with the known world. Instructing using what I term as Reality-based Instructions provide your students with a rational response to any question relating to "where will I use this?" Take for example, "where will I find force within my life, other then balling my fist and hitting someone?" ?? Your response is simple, "A push and a pull is what force is, and although you are a long way from becoming a Jedi Knight the "Force" is with you each time you take two or more steps. Walking ????? illustrates the basis of push and pull with the step of "heal", and "toe". The heal pulls you as the toe pushes you. - Dr Floyd, M. P., Jr.

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