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    Collection Three - Life Science

    Here are the resources I have so far: 1) Ecosystems in a Jar: This is a journal article that describes an activity for introducing ecosystems to students without having to go very far. It gives detailed instructions for completing the activity while also incorporating two of the 5E's (engage and explore). 2) Why Are Flowers So Different?: This is a lesson plan that describes an activity to help students understand why flower species differ (hint: it's related to their pollinators!) I like how it can also incorporate ELA through journaling. 3) Fungi: Why Mushrooms Are Awesome: This YouTube video would be a great attention getter to introduce students to decomposers! It provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the decomposition process and explains how mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. 4) How Do Living Things Choose a Home?: This is another lesson plan that utilizes an interactive E-book to introduce habitats! The e-book prompts students to ask critical questions.

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    Physical Science

    This is what I have added to my collection so far: 1. How Can We Become Good Marble Players? - This is a lesson plan that introduces the concept of pushes and pulls (2nd Grade standard) using the game of marbles; it also incorporates tech with videos. 2. May the Magnetic Force Be With You - This is a journal article that discusses developmentally appropriate activities to scaffold the abstract concept of magnetism for younger grades (3rd Grade standard). I like the "Mystery Box" activity for explaining to students that only certain types of metals are magnetic. 3. What's Matter? - This is a YouTube video from Crash Course Kids that explains the stages of matter (5th Grade Standard). I loved their balloon demonstrations for showing that gas is a form of matter! 4. Energy: Stop Faking It! - This is short podcast that offers activities for explaining the Law of Conservation of Energy (6th Grade Standard). This could be helpful for explaining abstract potential energies.

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