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Linking Science and Literacy in the K-8 Classroom (e-Book)

If you’ve ever believed you don’t have time to teach much science—or feared you don’t know how to integrate it with all-important language arts lessons—this is the book that will change your thinking. The message: It isn’t just possible to incorporate science into language arts, it also makes a lot of sense. Linking Science and Literacy is divided into two kinds of convincing content. In 16 chapters, prominent National Science Foundation-funded researchers and professional development experts write in lay language about the connections between science and literacy. They offer a broad range of perspectives from the classroom, district administrators, and the research community. The nine accompanying “case stories” show how teachers actually made the curriculum connections in K-8 classrooms. These anecdotal accounts are frank and engaging, with numerous teacher-student dialogues and examples of students’ work.

The profiled teachers make it clear that there are lessons to be learned even from failed attempts. Based on conferences in Seattle and Dallas, sponsored by NSTA and funded by NSF, this book is just right for K–8 teachers, science and literacy supervisors, school administrators, and professional development providers. Separate sections cover reading, writing, special instruction for English language learners, and the administrators’ role in the process of blending science and literacy to the benefit of all.


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Type e-bookPub Date 1/1/2006Stock # PKEB203X

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