NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities, Second Edition (e-Book)

by: LaMoine L. Motz, James T. Biehle, and Sandra S. West

Science-learning spaces are different from general-purpose classrooms. So if your school is planning to build or renovate, you need the fully updated NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities. It’s the definitive resource for every K-12 school that seeks safe, effective science space without costly, time-consuming mistakes.

New to this edition is a chapter on “green” schools, including how to think outside the traditional walls and use the entire grounds to encourage environmental responsibility in students. The revised guide also provides essential up-to-date coverage such as:

• Practical information on laboratory and general room design, budget priorities, space considerations, and furnishings.
• Stages of the planning process for new and renovated science facilities.
• Current trends and future directions in science education and safety, accessibility, and legal guidelines.
• Detailed appendices about equipment-needs planning, classroom dimensions, and new safety research, plus an updated science facilities audit.

NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities will help science teachers, district coordinators, school administrators, boards of education, and schoolhouse architects understand those differences and develop science facilities that will serve students for years to come.


Type e-bookPub Date 1/1/2007Stock # PKEB149E2

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