Science of Food Safety (Student Edition)

Bacteria live in close association with humans. Bacteria are masters at exploiting a variety of niches in the human body. Most of these bacteria are harmless to the human body and many are important in assisting its normal, healthy functioning. Disease in humans results when organisms such as bacteria interfere with the normal operation of the human body. The Science of Food Safety Interactive E-book* explores this science underlying food safety. This e-book focuses on the structure and function of cells and viruses; the growth, reproduction, and evolution of bacteria; the fundamentals of the human immune system; and some of the greatest public health contributions to date against foodborne illness.

*Interactive E-books are highly interactive, self-directed learning experiences designed to augment understanding of science content and pedagogy. These e-books include high-resolution images, animations, videos and interactive simulations.

Grade Levels

High School Middle School


5E Assessment Biology Curriculum Inquiry Instructional Materials Life Science Postsecondary Technology


Type Interactive E-book Student EditionPub Date 8/1/2016Pages 96ISBN 978-1-68140-439-4Stock # PE026XS

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