Explaining Matter with Elements, Atoms, and Molecules (Student Edition)

The Explaining Matter With Elements, Atoms, and Molecules Interactive E-book explores the properties of substances and elements and examines the investigative evidence for the atoms and molecules that make up all matter. Certain properties can be used to distinguish substances and changes in substances. Building on this idea, patterns of properties of elements and substances led scientists to the development of the periodic table of elements. These properties and the way different atoms and molecules behave can help predict how molecules will arrange themselves in different states and if and how they will react with other molecules.

*Interactive E-books are highly interactive, self-directed learning experiences designed to augment understanding of science content and pedagogy. These e-books include high-resolution images, animations, videos and interactive simulations.

Grade Levels

High School Middle School


5E Assessment Chemical reactions Chemistry Curriculum Inquiry Instructional Materials Physical Science Postsecondary Properties of materials Structure of matter Technology


Type Interactive E-book Student EditionPub Date 5/11/2017Pages 97ISBN 978-1-68140-427-1Stock # PE021XS

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