Modeling, Part 2: Mathematical Modeling

by: Russ Colson and Mary Colson

This chapter addresses the creation and use of conceptual and mathematical models, which include aspects of Developing and Using Models, Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking, and Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions. In this chapter, examples are offered of how students can infer mathematical relationships from experimental data, judge the quality of different mathematical models based on data, and use mathematical models to gain a deeper understanding of how the universe works.. A materials list, teacher background information, and outcomes are provided. This book selection includes the Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, About the Book, Introduction, and Index.

Grade Levels

High School Middle School


Disciplinary Core Ideas Earth & Space Science Mathematics Science and Engineering Practices


Type Book ChapterPub Date 11/15/2016Pages 77Stock # PB409X_7

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