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In this problem, students investigate how to construct a simple circuit from a battery, flashlight bulb, and items that might be found in someone’s pocket. Teams of students engineer a simple flashlight using a flashlight bulb, two AA batteries, and odds and ends that might be found in one’s pocket. Younger students should concentrate on constructing a circuit that lights the bulb. Older students can go on to think about how to make the batteries last longer or the light brighter. A materials list, teacher background information, safety practices, assessment, and outcomes are provided. This book selection includes the Table of Contents, Preface, Catalog of Problems, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, Image Credits, and Index.

Grade Levels

Early Childhood Elementary


Informal Education Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans Physical Science Teaching Strategies Three-Dimensional Learning


Type Book ChapterPub Date 2/28/2018Pages 39Stock # PB408X3_8.1

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