Weather Predictions

by: Page Keeley and Laura Tucker

The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about weather predictions. The probe is designed to find out if students recognize the limitations of long-term weather forecasting and to help students understand the difference between weather in the short term versus climate in the long term. Climate allows us to predict what the weather will generally be like months in advance, based on long-term patterns. It is important for students to know that scientists look at various factors and patterns to make short- and long-term predictions with various degrees of accuracy. This probe is best used with grades 3–8. A materials list, teacher background information, references, assessment, and outcomes are provided. This book selection includes the Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgments, About the Authors, Introduction, and Index.

Grade Levels

Elementary High School Middle School


Assessment Earth & Space Science Environmental Science Instructional Materials


Type Book ChapterPub Date 3/24/2016Pages 46Stock # PB355X_10

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