Inquiry-Based Science as a Context for Communication

by: Molly Weinburgh, Cecilia Silva, and Kathy Horak Smith

In this chapter, ways are examined in which you can make use of science inquiry lessons to support the development of the multimodal language of science. We focus on science as a context for language learning and explore inquiry practices of science. The chapter ends with an example that illustrates how a unit on erosion can engage students in developing conceptual knowledge and hybrid language. We recommend reading Chapter 1, which is included in this book selection and serves as an introduction and overview to Chapters 2–10. A materials list, teacher background information, safety notes, and standards are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, Dedication, Preface, About the Authors, Our Stories, References, and Index.


Type Book ChapterPub Date 5/10/2019Pages 45Stock # PB446X.3

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