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Energy and Earth

edited by: Carla C. Johnson, Janet B. Walton, and Erin Peters-Burton

In this lesson, students gain an understanding of the greenhouse effect as a natural process that traps warm air in the Earth’s atmosphere and is magnified by carbon emissions. Students compare the environmental effects of solar energy and fossil fuels, and teams create a working solar oven as an example of a device that uses passive solar energy. As students continue to investigate water scarcity, they do background research on their design team’s country of choice and create a lapbooks in preparation for the module’s final challenge. We recommend reading Chapter 3, which is included in this book selection and provides a module overview and summary. A materials list, safety notes, standards, teacher background information, assessment, and Internet resources are provided. This book selection also includes the Table of Contents, About the Editors and Authors, Appendix, and Index.

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Earth & Space Science Engineering NGSS Physical Science


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