Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, Second Grade, Expanded Edition: Using Children’s Books for Three-Dimensional Learning

by: Emily Morgan and Karen Ansberry

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There’s a lot to love about this newly expanded book in the Picture-Perfect Science series: You can combine STEM and reading through appealing lessons that are just right for your second-grade students. Also, reading comprehension strategies are embedded in all 12 of the ready-to-teach lessons, 11 of which are updated and one brand-new. The goal is to help your young scientists learn to read and read to learn while engaging in activities that blend science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Your students will love Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, Grade 2, Expanded Edition because of the captivating fiction and nonfiction books at the core of the lessons. In a brand-new lesson, your second graders can learn about the natural phenomenon that wind and water can change the shape of land by building a model inspired by Kate, Who Tamed the Wind. They explore the engineering design process by reading Flip! How the Frisbee Took Flight and then designing a toy of their own. And inspired by Ada Twist, Scientist, they use science practices to solve a mystery. You’ll also love it because the veteran teachers who wrote this book understand that you need an approach that’s easy to use and makes the most of class time. Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, Grade 2, Expanded Edition brings you • Engaging content and helpful teacher supports that cover phenomena students find interesting and relevant; more questioning strategies to drive student sensemaking; three-dimensional prompts and activities; and updated reading strategies. • Ready-to-use lessons containing engagement activities, hands-on explorations, student pages, and opportunities for STEM education outside school. • Assessments, including ideas for poster sessions, writing assignments, design challenges, and presentations. • Standards-based objectives aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. More teacher-tested lessons. More standards-based content. And a kid-magnet formula that will get your students more engrossed in STEM while they improve their reading skills. What’s not to love?

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