Children's Book Pack: How Big is a Foot?

As part of the Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons series, Picture-Perfect Children’s Book Packs are now available for every lesson in the Expanded Editions of the Picture-Perfect series (Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade).

Each Children’s Book Pack includes an individual lesson booklet and two accompanying picture books, many of which include accompanying Lexile Framework details. Purchasing individual lessons allows you the flexibility to pick and choose which lessons fit best into your curriculum while fostering STEM and inquiry-based science by connecting lessons to real-world examples.

To meet the demand for more ways to engage children in reading and science through picture books, the lessons in the new Expanded Editions bring:

• Even more convenience: Teachers can cover reading and science content simultaneously and save time with ready-to-use student pages and assessments.
• Even more confidence in your own expertise: Teachers get relevant science concepts and reading comprehension strategies to keep teaching on track.
• Even more ways to entice even reading-phobic children: Each lesson makes students yearn to learn science from captivating fiction and nonfiction picture books.

Plus: These latest editions connect the lessons to A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the English Language Arts and Literacy Common Core State Standards. Picture-Perfect Science Lessons delivers the whole package: teacher-friendly lessons, strong standards-based science content, and a kid-magnet formula that will get students engrossed in science while they improve their reading skills.

Children's Book Pack: How Big is a Foot?

To include: How Big is a Foot Booklet, How Big Is a Foot?, and How Tall, How Short, How Faraway?

Grade: 2


Type SetPub Date 11/9/2023ISBN 978-1-952109-61-4Stock # PPSLSMDG2-29-2

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