Creating and Using Instructionally Supportive Assessments in NGSS Classrooms

by: Christopher Harris, Joe Krajcik, and James Pellegrino

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Imagine handing out assessments that spark enthusiasm rather than dread. In six easy-to-follow steps, this book empowers science teachers to create tasks that guide students to use their knowledge, not just memorize facts. The NGSA design process transforms assessments into valuable classroom tools that teachers can use to chart how students’ learning builds with instruction over time.

Far from being just another set of guidelines, this step-by-step approach provides a pathway for creating tasks that will support, engage, and encourage students in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) classrooms. Built with the NGSS in mind, the design process is centered around the three dimensions of science learning: disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and science and engineering practices.

Creating and Using Instructionally Supportive Assessments in NGSS Classrooms:

• Provides a multi-step approach for creating classroom-based tasks that capture three-dimensional performance
• Emphasizes equity and inclusion in the assessment design process
• Includes sample assessment tasks, rubrics, and dimension maps
• Encourages creativity and innovation in both students and teachers
• Serves as a valuable resource for instructors of grades K–12

Whether you’re a seasoned curriculum developer or a brand-new teacher, Creating and Using Instructionally Supportive Assessments in NGSS Classrooms is the tool you need to transform your assessments into exercises that spark science discovery.

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