The Lingo of Learning: 88 Education Terms Every Science Teacher Should Know

What does “constructivism” mean? What is the difference between “reliability” and “validity?” You’ll be surprised at the ease of finding definitive answers to terminology questions like these with The Lingo of Learning. Ideal for the time-pressed science teacher who is ready to learn once and for all what key terms really mean.

Each of the 88 entries—from “anticipatory set” to “zone of proximal growth”—is a concise discussion (300 to 500 words) of education terms and ideas, most within the context of science teaching. The book’s chapters cover teaching techniques, learning theories, research concepts, and even the nature of science. Although this is a useful reference for a quick definition, you’ll be drawn into reading entire chapters—and come away with a deeper understanding. The author’s special gift: a friendly writing style, a balanced approach, and a willingness to tackle common misconceptions.

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