Summarizing with Drawings: A Reading-Comprehension Strategy

by: Janine Elliott

The development of literacy skills is essential for student success. According to the National Science Education Standards, “Scientific literacy entails being able to read with understanding articles about science in the popular press and to engage in social conversation about the validity of conclusions” (NRC 1996). Teachers can help students develop these skills by finding methods that not only motivate but also engage students in the reading process. One such method is described in this article wherein students draw after reading science content. When students summarize by drawing they must form a visual representation of the information they’re trying to convey. This provides an opportunity for students to elaborate and encode the information in a personally meaningful way. In addition, drawing after reading encourages students to reflect on what they have read and allows time to process the information.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 1/1/2007Stock # ss07_30_05_23Volume 030Issue 05

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