Curriculum with a Common Thread: Teachers create a project-based interdisciplinary curriculum with science as the foundation

by: Maureen M. McMahon, Susan P. O'Hara, William G. Holliday, Bernadette B. McCormack, and Elizabeth M. Gibson

Imagine studying the history and technology of the Civil War through photographs taken at that time and learning about the chemistry and mathematics of photography by building cameras. That’s what elementary students do as part of Project WRITE (World Resources for Integrated Thematic Education), a science-based integrated curriculum teachers build especially for students. Science is at the heart of each unit, but literacy skills are central to each unit’s outcome. This article chronicles the adventures of fifth-grade students as they journeyed through each of the six integrated science-based units.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 4/1/2000Stock # sc00_037_07_30Volume 037Issue 07

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