Brain Research: Implications for Teaching and Learning

by: James E. Hamos

As knowledge of many aspects of the brain has exploded over the past few decades, there has been a strong desire to link the study of the brain, i.e., neuroscience, with education, the applied learning endeavor of students. This interest accelerated in the 1990s, a period dubbed as the Decade of the Brain by the 101st Congress (1989), and continued in the earliest part of the 21st century. Although our knowledge of brain function on many levels continues to grow impressively, we are still limited in our ability to fully comprehend this complex organ and should be wary of over-selling applications of brain research in classrooms. This chapter is an effort to bring together some basic facts about the brain with a variety of thinking on how ongoing brain research may contribute to teaching and learning in general and, perhaps, to science teaching and learning more specifically.


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