Career of the Month: An interview with Clinical Neuropsychologist Deborah Attix

by: Megan Sullivan

Neuroscience is a field dedicated to learning about the brain and nervous system, which can help us understand, prevent, and treat diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s, depression, and addiction. The vast scope of questions neuroscience is trying to answer draws interest from many disciplines, including psychology. Clinical neuropsychologists, such as Deborah Attix, help people who appear to have cognitive or behavioral problems. Using scientific tests to assess what parts of the brain might be linked to certain problems; Attix gets an overall picture of someone’s cognitive function. With this information, she can diagnose a disorder and provide targeted treatment to help that person recover or cope.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 1/1/2007Stock # tst07_074_01_54Volume 074Issue 01

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