Professional Development: Learning to Always Be a Student

by: Sarah Reeves Young and Mike Roberts

“If you are going to be a teacher, you should always be a student.” This quote has directed my entire career in education, and continues to drive my actions today. I share it with every single new teacher that I meet in the hopes that it translates into experiences and efforts that benefit the teacher and his or her students. The importance of professional development not only impacts you as a new teacher, but it can translate into a culture of growth and change that supports your continued development as you move from new teacher to veteran teacher (and beyond). This chapter highlights how to find professional development, make good use of it, and how to pass it along to others back in your school environment.


Address teachers' needs as learners and build on their current knowledge of science content, teaching, and learning. (NSES) Applies knowledge about human learning and change. (NSDC) Build on the teacher's current science understanding, ability, and attitudes. (NSES) Clear, shared goals based on a vision of science learning, teaching, and teacher development congruent with the National Science Education Standards . (NSES) Collaboration Collaboration among the people involved in programs, with clear respect for the perspectives and expertise of each. (NSES) Communicating Evaluation Experimenting Leadership Learning Observing Options that recognize the developmental nature of teacher professional growth and individual and group interests, as well as the needs of teachers who have varying degrees of experience, professional expertise, and proficiency. (NSES) Science process skills Scientific habits of mind Support the sharing of teacher expertise by preparing and using mentors, teacher advisers, coaches, lead teachers, and resource teachers to provide professional development opportunities. (NSES) Uses learning strategies appropriate to the intended goal. (NSDC)


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