Figure Skating Physics Inquiry Lesson Plan

Many would call the figure skating events the most elegant of all of the winter Olympic sports. The spins. The tosses. The leaps. How on earth do they stay in balance? Find out by watching the latest installment of the Science and Engineering of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Physics of Figure Skating. The Engineering Design component of this Inquiry Guide in the NSTA-developed lesson plans explores the idea of how pairs figure skaters move back-and-forth between two independent systems and one cohesive system. The definition of a system can figure prominently in how engineers develop models. What, exactly, constitutes the system under study? Are aspects of the system really functioning independently, and are simply in the same space at the same time? If so, can the behavior of the independent systems be predicted so that one can predict how the larger, single system works?


Type Lesson PlanPub Date 1/15/2014Stock # LP015

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