Practicing Science: The Investigative Approach in College Science Teaching

In this collection of ten articles reprinted from the Journal of College Science Teaching, college and university science professors show how they have used investigative learning—or inquiry-based instruction—to introduce students to the process of science. These first-person accounts demonstrate how students, including non-science majors, can learn to do science as it is done in the real world—through hypothesis building, observation, and experimental design.

The higher education faculty represented in this book is committed to the investigative approach. As one contributor writes, “Would I return to lecturing in a traditional fashion? Not a chance. The excitement and energy of a room of students working in groups, challenging each other, and questioning each other is what I’ll always want to see in my classroom.”



Type ObsoletePub Date 1/1/2001ISBN 978-0-87355-195-3

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