Exemplary Science in Grades 9-12: Standards-Based Success Stories

In this collection of 15 essays, educators describe successful programs they’ve developed to fulfill the National Science Education Standards’ vision for the reform of teaching, assessment, professional development, and content at the high school level. All the visions correspond with the Less Emphasis and More Emphasis conditions that conclude each section of the Standards, characterizing what most teachers and programs should do less of as well as describing the changes needed if real reform is to occur.

Essay titles reveal the range of programs—and creativity—this book encompasses. Among the titles are “Technology and Cooperative Learning: The IIT Model for Teaching Authentic Chemistry Curriculum,” “Modeling: Changes in Traditional Physics Instruction,” “Guided by the Standards: Inquiry and Assessment in Two Rural and Urban Schools,” and even “Sing and Dance Your Way to Science Success.”

The book ends with a summary chapter by editor Robert Yager on successes and continuing challenges in meeting the Standards’ visions for improving high school science. As Yager notes, “The exemplary programs described in this monograph give inspiration while also providing evidence that the new directions are feasible and worth the energy and effort needed for others to implement changes.

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